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If you're offended by the site name than you're probably not going to like the blog either. The blog aims to provide a more frank and (later) comedic approach to disability advocacy; which debunks some of the nonsense in media and sometimes within our own communities. This is a blog to poke fun of topics too. Contact me if you would like to contribute to the blog.

So why listen to me? I have authored two books and have done speeches for Universities in my home country of New Zealand. In 2015 I was on a leadership panel in Brisbane; I was traveling there due to also being a stand up comedian. My books are listed below. If you're in New Zealand please contact me to buy my books directly. (You'll save on shipping.)
Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple, Volume 1 covers patronizers, disability abuse, political advocacy, sports plus other topics. Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple: Volume 2 (The Grumpy Cripple) contains a big section on carers; advice for caring for people with disabilities but also how to treat carers, and my thoughts on the upcoming care robots trend. The book also contains a wide variety of other topics including traveling, immigration, invisible disabilities, depression, obesity, comedy and being a celebrity.

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