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Questions about your disability

People may be interested in aspects your disability when you are out and about. Some people find this annoying. The only thing that really annoys me is when people look at my screen without asking; mi...
Posted at 24/02/2018 22:21:28 UTC 0 comments

Talk fests and stories

I am not a fan of talk fests, I am not a fan of stories about people with disabilities. Talk fests are only bareable if I am getting paid or it involves free travel. I am not going to volenteer my ti...
Posted at 08/10/2017 02:17:37 UTC 0 comments

Do people with disabilities want to be teachers?

This is off the cuff. It seems society just assigns roles to us. "You're an inspiration", "You're a teacher". Have they ask us whether we want to be these things? Can't we just be ...
Posted at 22/09/2017 23:57:19 UTC 0 comments

Cannabis treatment inaccessibility rant

I think we have established that this is the blog that I do when I am pissed off about disability issues. Let's continue that. I never considered cannabis treatment for Cerebral Palsy until recent...
Posted at 31/07/2017 22:52:33 UTC 0 comments

Interruptions as a cripple

It is hard to be a workahollic when you are constantly interrupted due to your disability. It would be especially inconvenient if you work 9-5 Monday to Friday. I am lucky; I can adjust my days. For e...
Posted at 17/07/2017 05:15:09 UTC 0 comments

We are not snowflakes

With the hype about the term snowflakes; I was thinking people regularly think those with disabilities are snowflakes. Two examples come to mind. Sex: People are occasionally worried about hurting...
Posted at 11/07/2017 22:33:23 UTC 0 comments

Political observation

I have noticed it's just randomly accepted that people in politics may have no prior experience in the portfolios they hold; this acceptance is puzzling. Portfolios also change hands which is also mor...
Posted at 21/06/2017 09:53:28 UTC 0 comments

Solution finding, not whining

OK, time for one of my fuck people off posts. People with disabilities need to do more than just whine; they need to find solutions. Doing so increases your chance of the problem being solved. Yes...
Posted at 13/05/2017 00:49:48 UTC 0 comments

Leave the comedy to the professionals

People say \'slow down or you'll get a speeding ticket". This is neither original or funny. Stop, just stop. Leave the comedy to the professionals. I have heard this a billion times before. Imag...
Posted at 27/04/2017 22:19:46 UTC 0 comments

Assigning values to work

It's difficult assigning a value to your work when you work ten to twenty times as slow as regular people. This means that a programmer's wage at $60 would translate to $6 an hour. Similarly a 15 minu...
Posted at 15/04/2017 00:12:55 UTC 0 comments

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