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Talk fests and stories

I am not a fan of talk fests, I am not a fan of stories about people with disabilities. Talk fests are only bareable if I am getting paid or it involves free travel. I am not going to volenteer my time to an organization that I don't feel productive in. I have better things to do with my time. I also don't see the point of going to random social events, though I am anti social.

I also have no desire to spend time reading stories about people with disabilities. Firstly I spend a minimum of three days a week on disability projects. I can't be all disability all the time. Secondly there are millions of people with disabilities. Nobody got time for that. This is the same regarding homosexuals. I am not going to spend time reading stories about random people just because they're gay or have a disability. I would rather spend my life solving problems.

You can get problems to solve from stories I guess. Same with talk fests. Like I said I will do them only if I am getting something Out of it but while there I try to as productive as possible and try to note down problems. I may enjoy it in the moment.
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Do people with disabilities want to be teachers?

This is off the cuff. It seems society just assigns roles to us. "You're an inspiration", "You're a teacher". Have they ask us whether we want to be these things? Can't we just be normal without the special titles?

Complaining about being a teacher would be hypocritical since I do speeches at universities and write books. Great books, you should buy them! Universities should also hire me, especially overseas universities! (It's my blog, I'll say what I like) The difference here is I genuinely like sharing knowledge vs inadvertently being a teacher.

Inadvertently is a key point. While you can't avoid inadvertently inspiring people or teaching them; is it really necessary to call people that have disabilities these things? The answer is a clear no from me. Yes I'm complaining about language, but this also has a sociological aspect. By calling us inspirations and teachers you are elevating our status in society. Most of us want to be considered normal; this is not the way to do init.

I guess it's no different from society assigning gender roles. However society should progress, certain views should go away. Labeling us inspirations specifically by journalists is not helpful and should go away.
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Cannabis treatment inaccessibility rant

I think we have established that this is the blog that I do when I am pissed off about disability issues. Let's continue that.

I never considered cannabis treatment for Cerebral Palsy until recently. I started to look into it and it could slow my movements; possibly act as seizure medication plus pain relief as I continue to grow old. The movements are important as my muscles age much faster than regular people. Plus since I wouldn't move as much I could probably eat less, or put on weight if I need to which change can be useful if you are sick and can't keep anything down for a while. I actually hate eating; it's the most boring thing in the world. Any excuse to eat less sounds tremendous.

My health is being compromised because the New Zealand government has senseless rules on cannabis based on outdated and stupid rules. Oh I forgot racist too; the Nixon administration wanted to target "blacks and hippies" so they made cannabis illegal. Fuck the fact it causes less damage than alcohol; they through that report in the bin. This is why I say US politics matters; they export their insanity. Luckily the people are reversing course.

Oh but we can't legalize cannabis; that would cut into the private prison industrial complex that makes money by locking people up. These companies are vultures and parasites on society that survive by the government ruining people's lives on the basis on what they stick into their bodies. Disgusting industry.

I should be able to stick whatever the hell I like into my body. If I wanted to stick chocolate coated butterflies into my body; I should be allowed to do that too. Even worse they are me my choice of medical treatment, this feels like a human rights issue. If they question its effectiveness then why the fuck do they allow homeopathy?

I have no interest in getting high; in fact people are starting to look at least me funny because I refuse to do it these days. I am simply after a THC free version or low THC to see if it is beneficial for my life long disability. It is fucked up that I am denied this opportunity. I may look into medical tourism. A cannabis refugee in California sounds wonderful, but that may be pushing things. Apparently all I can do in New Zealand is try for approval each year. This is fucked!
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Interruptions as a cripple

It is hard to be a workahollic when you are constantly interrupted due to your disability. It would be especially inconvenient if you work 9-5 Monday to Friday. I am lucky; I can adjust my days. For example when trialing a stand up wheelchair for the first time I moved a day off from Sunday to Wednesday. This ultimately meant less non work time.

Other people have surgeries which can be more inconvenient, especially if they go wrong; then it is a permanent interruption. This can be a problem if you have a job; you may lose it. In my opinion surgeries only when necessary is best.

However while inconvenient there is usually a quality of life trade off, unless it's pointless government bureaucracy, which from experience does happen. There is nothing you can do about that apart from writing passive aggressive comments on the forms. Apart from that, if you want the best care I guess you have to make the sacrifice of your time. Although if some disability assessment work can be done on weekends or the evenings that could help solve the problem with people with disabilities who work regular hours.
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We are not snowflakes

With the hype about the term snowflakes; I was thinking people regularly think those with disabilities are snowflakes. Two examples come to mind.

Sex: People are occasionally worried about hurting me when I am trying to get them into bed. Perhaps they assume I have brittle bones. Some are uncomfortable with me being non verbal. This is why I advocate for normality instead of being special. If we're considered normal perhaps this lessens. This is just a theory and really not based on anything scientific.

Concerts people are concerned about me being in the mosh pit. I have said many times in other blogs that I like being among people rather than being in segregated area. I am perfectly fine, I know my limits and can and have adjusted my spot depending on the situation. Just let me be like everybody else.

In addition to the two points (I don't plan blogs out) humour comes to mind. Apparently it's impolite to say cripples because it may offend. Yeah fuck that. I am in the mindset people should be called what they want to be called. It's a bad idea to blanket ban language. Ironically there are snowflakes in this area that assume that they speak for everybody. The truth is that nobody agrees on language, someone will always complain about something, some can be snowflakes but most people have a sense of humour. So the best solution is trial and error. Providing your intentions are genuine, it'll be fine.

We're not snowflakes, people shouldn't treat us as such.
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Political observation

I have noticed it's just randomly accepted that people in politics may have no prior experience in the portfolios they hold; this acceptance is puzzling. Portfolios also change hands which is also more puzzling. Surely you want experience people who are dedicated and can maintain a good understanding of the sectors they reside over. Apparently this is not the way humanity does things for some bizarre reasons.

What this means is you may get random people residing over the disability portfolio. In some cases they may be rich elites that may rather be on a yacht than talk to disability groups.

I am going to suggest something controversial. (I mean this is a frequent occurrence and I don't really need to announce I am about to say something controversial.) It is widely known that the right wing gets power more than the left depending on the country. A good strategy would be have people run as candidates in both parties. I know that there are many conservative minded people that have disabilities; I am clearly not one of them if you're familiar with me. I'm not even interested in running as a lefty; parliament would either bore me to death or I'll end up throwing things as people.

If you're conservative and have a disability consider running as a candidate, hell same thing if you're a liberal, and even independent. Of course don't waste your time, don't run as the 50th candidate on the Green Party, or any candidate of the Green Party in the USA. Run in safe seats, don't gamble on seats you may not win. I'll certainly just target safe seats if I were a candidate or managing one. Does that make me an opportunist? Probably. I'm fine with that! The goal here is to win. You don't win by losing. Hell, if your left-wing party is practically useless like the Democrates in the United States or Labor in Australia, why not just run as a conservative even if you're ideologically left-wing. The right have invaded the left for decades, why not do the same?

If you don't want to run as a candidate why not create a cross party group and encourage candidates? We need representation wherever we can get it! Especially in places most of us are ideologically opposed to.
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Solution finding, not whining

OK, time for one of my fuck people off posts.

People with disabilities need to do more than just whine; they need to find solutions. Doing so increases your chance of the problem being solved. Yes it takes time to properly research a cost effective solution but if it solves the problem, isn\'t it worth it? So before you complain to the organization, find a solution to their problem.

Complaining into an echo chamber is not going to solve the problem. If you boycott there is a chance they will just ignore it. Maybe you could band together and raise the money privately, this may be a good option if you are frustrated also the accessibility of a museum. If the disability venue is privately owned and the legal system is not feasible see if they can fund-raise for the necessary equipment.

So before you whine next, stop and think how the solution can be solved. While this is the more difficult option it will get the best result. Of course not every problem can be solved but there are times where solution finding, not whining is the answer.
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Leave the comedy to the professionals

People say \'slow down or you'll get a speeding ticket". This is neither original or funny. Stop, just stop. Leave the comedy to the professionals. I have heard this a billion times before. Imagine if you said the same thing when you see someone of a different race; you would probably be labelled a racist asshole.

I like to try to understand people's behaviour. They do it as a way to connect. It is a poor way to go. If people feel the need to speak a simple hello would do. I guess some people don't know what to say. If you are reading this now you know to say anything but this.

People are very lucky I can't randomly hurl abuse at them. If people say you'll get a speeding ticket I feel like saying will get an annoyance ticket, I believe the term is public nuisance. Perhaps people in wheelchairs should make up mock tickets for such occasions. PUBLIC NUISANCE TICKET. $50 FINE.

People also just assume I am dating my female friend in a wheelchair. Yeah, I don't date females. The same thing would happen if we were both black. People make stupid assumptions based on ridiculous things.
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Assigning values to work

It's difficult assigning a value to your work when you work ten to twenty times as slow as regular people. This means that a programmer's wage at $60 would translate to $6 an hour. Similarly a 15 minute speech could take ten hours to write so I would have to charge $150 if I was solely doing it for the money.

I am an advocate of people with disabilities owning their own business for this reason. I create my own software and I know that this will pay off eventually. With your own business you have unlimited potential and this is important if your output is low. Being a programmer allows you to create a wide range of technology.

When output is low it is important to enjoy yourself otherwise you are just doing something for less than minimum wage. You know the old saying "If you enjoy what you do you will never work a day in your life". I don't really buy into such happy clappy sayings but lots of people do. Enjoyment and fulfillment will definitely help when output is low. For me; I genuinely like coding and later running businesses as a day job, I like building technology and being able to automate tasks. Of course I have some problematic projects (eye tracking) but it'll work out eventually.
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My Apple phobia

I hate the company Apple with a passion to the point of almost being phobic. It started in childhood and mostly due to having a disability.

When I was at school I was forced to use Apple computers because PC accessibility was nonexistent. It was beyond frustrating that most applications were available for PC, though I couldn't play games well but I ultimately didn't have as much freedom as PC users,. This was also in the days before OS X, I'm kind of a dinosaur when it comes to computers. I even remember having an Apple 2E! I can't remember if I could access it though, probably not.

Of course it was better than nothing and I am grateful to have access to technology even if didn't particularly like the brand. It started off my programming career and I am more comfortable programming in plain text because of this, because that's all that I could do.

If Windows was accessible in those days I would have jumped at it. It wasn't. The lesson here is to always make sure that your technology is accessible.

By the way I also hate how you must install iTunes to load songs on an iPod. Fuck that!
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